Posted 2 days ago

Nicaragua to Move Forward with Canal Project

Nicaragua to Move Forward with Canal Project

Lake Nicaragua could be detrimentally affected by the canal project

Lake Nicaragua is the main water source for the country and could face problems if the canal project moves forward.
Image: Shutterstock

Officials in Nicaragua are moving forward with plans to create a large canal in order to form a trans-oceanic waterway. The Nicaraguan government wants the dig to start as soon as December and is certain that the presence of the canal will have a positive effect.…

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Posted 1 week ago

Omaha, Nebraska Teacher Wins National Environmental Award

Omaha, Nebraska Teacher Wins National Environmental Award

Denton received an award from the EPA for her efforts in environmental education

Kristine Denton, a science teacher in Nebraska, won the EPA Presidential Award for helping students build indoor aquaponic farms. Image:

The Environmental Protection Agency awarded an Omaha, Nebraska teacher with one of 17 nationwide EPA awards for environmental education. Kristine Denton received a presidential innovation award for her work at Omaha’s King Science and Technology Magnet…

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Posted 2 weeks ago

California Experiencing Most Severe Drought Ever Recorded

California Experiencing Most Severe Drought Ever Recorded

California drought is the worst ever recorded

California is currently experiencing the worst drought on record. Image: Shutterstock

Over half of California has now reached the most severe level of drought for the first time since the federal government began issuing regular drought reports in the late 1990s. As of Thursday, July 31st, over 58 percent of the state was declared under exceptional drought, a shocking increase of more than 20…

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Sustainable Agriculture vs. Climate Change

Sustainable Agriculture vs. Climate Change

A green sprout in natural soil

Regenerative organic agriculture could alleviate–or even reverse–the effects of climate change.
Image: Shutterstock

Could the way we grow food actually help minimize the impact of climate change? Science not only says yes—it suggests conscientious agriculture could reverse the effects of climate change as well.

The global system of growing food, including land-use, feed, fertilizer,…

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Posted 1 month ago

Gibraltar Did Not Breach Bloc’s Environmental Regulations

Gibraltar Did Not Breach Bloc’s #Environmental Regulations

Madrid, Spain city center at sunset

Last year, Spain accused Gibraltar of breaching the bloc’s environmental regulations.
Image: Shutterstock

Last year, Spain accused Gibraltar of committing a breach to the bloc’s environmental regulations with the artificial reef they created last year, along with other activities. This week, however, the European Commission found that the government of Gibraltar did not commit to such a breach.


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Posted 1 month ago

Consumer Energy Looks Out for Environment

Consumer Energy Looks Out for Environment


IMG: via Consumers Energy

The Jackson, MI based utility company Consumers Energy is being recognized again as a top energy provider in the Midwest United States. The company has been named top “environmental champion” among combination energy providers (providers of both electricity and natural gas) in the Midwest by Cogent Reports, a division of Market Strategies International that measures…

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Posted 1 month ago

U.S. Oil Export Decision Could Open New Gateway for Industry

U.S. Oil Export Decision Could Open New Gateway for Industry

U.S. Oil Industry

U.S. Oil Industry

Amid debate over reevaluation of the export prohibitions for U.S. oil, the U.S. Commerce Department has quietly cleared two Texas-based companies to export a type of crude oil, slightly easing decades-old restrictions and possibly opening the door for many other oil producers.

This comes at a time when the U.S. oil industry is seeing domestic production booms and is considering…

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Posted 2 months ago

New Study Reveals that Nature Helps Reduce Impulsiveness

Feeling #impulsive? Go enjoy #nature.

green leaf with morning dew

A new study has found that nature helps reduce impulsiveness.
Image: Shutterstock

Nature has many positive benefits, but one of the most recent benefits to come into the spotlight is its ability to suppress impulsive tendencies—even when viewed virtually.

This is according to a new study out of Utah State University and published in PLOS One, which tested impulsivity in study participants through…

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Posted 2 months ago

Chesapeake Bay Clean Up

It’s time to clean up #ChesapeakeBay and keep our rivers healthy!

crab boat in the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Watershed Agreement will help combat pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.
Image: Shutterstock

On Monday, June 16, government leaders in the Chesapeake Bay watershed signed the Chesapeake Watershed Agreement, which is a broad agreement to restore the health of its waters. This agreement comes at a time when the blue crab and oyster populations of the area continue to fluctuate and…

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Posted 2 months ago

Earthjustice Files Lawsuit Against Gulf Power

How about some arsenic in your water? @earthjustice says “no thanks” to Gulf Power.

logo for earthjustice - because the environment needs a good lawyer

Earthjustice claims that Gulf Power’s Sholz plant is dumping harmful chemicals like arsenic into the local water supply.

An environmental legal group called Earthjustice claims a coal ash dump associated with Gulf Power’s Scholz generating plant near Sneads, Florida, is releasing pollutants like arsenic into the water. The group released a press release that stated that scientists measured…

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