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Apple Launches ‘Better’ Environmental Campaign in Time for Earth Day

What are your plans for #EarthDay2014? @AppleEnviro has some big ones.

Apple Better Campaign

Apple has bold plans–to leave the earth better than we found it.
Image: Apple

As Earth Day approached this year, Apple overhauled its Environmental Responsibility website with new content that is consistent with its dedication to operate the business in a way that is best for the environment. Included on the updated website is a ‘Better’ videonarrated by Apple CEO Tim Cook that explains the…

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Environmental Groups Working Donor Dollars to Pro-Environment Candidates

Environmental Groups Working Donor Dollars to Pro-Environment Candidates #GiveGreen #LeadingGreen


LeadingGreen is an expansion on the League of Conservation Voters’ GiveGreen program.

The League of Conservation Voters and the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund announced Monday that it is joining forces on a multimillion-dollar electoral effort. The initiative, called LeadingGreen, plans to drive $5 million in direct campaign contributions to pro-environment candidates in 2014.


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Violent Protests Break out in China Over Petrochemical Plants

When 1000 people #protest, you might want to rethink things. #China #petrochemicals #Maoming


Residents of Maoming, Guangdong, protested the construction of a new petrochemical plant.
Image: Shutterstock

On Sunday, residents in Maoming, Guangdong, province protested against the construction of a petrochemical plant that manufactures paraxylene. Paraxylene is a chemical essential to the process of manufacturing plastic bottles and polyester clothing that is dangerous if inhaled or absorbed…

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When Hurricane Sandy, the deadliest and most destructive storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, ravaged New York City, many people began to look at urban disaster relief programs a little differently. Because metropolitan areas are so dense with buildings and people, the damage caused by “superstorms” like Hurricane Sandy can be even more devastating than when sprawling rural areas are struck by natural disasters. Since 2012, engineers, designers, and urban disaster relief innovators have been working to create a better safeguard against unrelenting storms. One such group of design experts is the Bjarke Ingels Group, whose project, “The Big U,” might be coming soon to Manhattan.

After the storm finally subsided, the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, organized an initiative called Rebuild by Design. Rebuild by Design is a design competition that was created to promote urban resilience, and to address structural and environmental vulnerabilities that NYC never truly had to consider before Hurricane Sandy hit. The Barke Ingels Group, an architecture firm, recently submitted its proposal for the kind of innovative measures NYC needs to take in order to protect itself from future storms.

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The architecture firm is calling its Rebuild by Design submission “The Big U,” for the way it would essentially hug the island of Manhattan. According to the Barke Ingels Group, “The Big U is a protective system that encircles Manhattan, responding to the needs and concerns of the island’s diverse communities. Stretching from West 57th Street south to The Battery and up to East 42nd Street, the Big U protects 10 continuous miles of low lying geography that comprise an incredibly dense, vibrant, and vulnerable urban area.” The project would look like a massive U, and would be made of deployable walls that city officials could release to stop flooding in that most defenseless portion of Manhattan.

In addition to its protective, wall-like presence, The Big U would also provide “social and environmental benefits to the community, and foster an improved public realm,” explains the Bjarke Ingels Group. Members of the Battery Park City Authority like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and local real estate developer Carl Mattone have been working hard to rebuild the parts of Manhattan that were so ravaged by the storm, both structurally, and socially. The implementation of a plan like “The Big U” would not only provide residents with protection and peace of mind, but would also create new urban green spaces and room for parks, entertainment venues, and more.

The Bjarke Ingels Group has proposed bike and footpaths, an archipelago, and a central harbor area that would serve as both a submerged and above ground venue. Not only would “The Big U” protect Manhattan, it would make Battery Park City and the surrounding areas one of the most innovative, sought-after urban green spaces in the world. Head over to “The Big U” project page to learn more.

@BjarkeIngels The Bjarke Ingels Group Has “Big” Plans for Manhattan. Check it out! When Hurricane Sandy, the deadliest and most destructive storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, ravaged New York City, many people began to look at urban disaster relief programs a little differently.
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Living the Tiny Life

Could you live the tiny life? Here are some reasons you might want to consider it! @RyanTMitchell

Tiny House

Tiny houses are growing in popularity.
Image: Tammy Strobel / Flickr CC

Tiny houses are all the craze lately, as more an more people join the ranks of those who want a simpler, less environmentally impactful existence. I have to admit, the thought is an intoxicating one that I’ve toyed with from time to time. What would it be like to let go of materialism and just live with the essentials?


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$5.15 billion Settlement Over Mining Cleanup

The gov’t will pay $5.15 bn for cleanup of contaminated mine sites countrywide—$1bn will go to the Navajo reservation in AZ.

Navajo territory Arizona

$1 billion has been allocated for cleanup of 50 mine sites in Arizona’s Navajo reservation.
Image: MortAuPat / Flickr CC

Over several decades, uranium ore was mined in the mountains of northeastern Arizona, providing the local Navajos with much-needed employment but leaving death and disease on the reservation. Eventually, roughly 50 mine sites were abandoned without cleaning up the contaminated…

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FreshDirect Wins Case Aiding Bronx Push

What do you think about #FreshDirect moving into the #Bronx #NYC?


Fresh Direct can now move forward with plans to move into South Bronx.

Last week, online grocer FreshDirect won a big victory when appellate court judges tossed out a lawsuit that would have kept the company from moving to South Bronx. South Bronx United filed an appeal about a year ago claiming the city did not conduct an adequate environmental review of the site where FreshDirect plans to…

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Bozeman Company Raided for Environmental Violations

Bozeman Company Raided for Environmental Violations

USA Brass Company

USA Brass Company in Bozeman, MT, was raided last week by federal agents.

Federal agents raided USA Brass Company in Bozeman, Montana, last week for environmental violations. Federal investigators along with the Environmental Protection Agency and FBI were inside the company on Thursday morning. This is not the first time the company has come under environmental violation scrutiny.

“We are…

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Newhall Ranch Project Moving Forward after Court Decision

#Newhall Ranch Project Moving Forward after Court Decision:

Santa Clara river

The decision allows Newhall Land & Farming Co. to alter the Santa Clara river.
Image: Wendell / intherough / Flickr

A state appellate court once again gave the project to develop 20,000 homes on the Newhall Ranch the green light this week. The decision came from the 2nd District Court of Appeals on March 21st. The decision also allowed California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to restore a…

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Texas Oil Spill Wreaks Environmental Havoc

#Texas Oil Spill Wreaks Environmental Havoc in Galveston Bay. Read more:

Galveston Bay Gulf of Mexico

A barge collided with a ship, causing thousands of gallons of oil into the Galveston Bay.
Image: Louis Vest / Flickr

Saturday, March 22, 170,000 gallons of thick, tar-like oil was dumped into the Gulf of Mexico’s Galveston Bay. The Associated Press reports:

A barge carrying about 900,000 gallons of the heavy oil collided with a ship Saturday in the busy Houston Ship Channel, spilling as much as a…

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